Purchasing a domain name can be a difficult task. Just when you think you have a great idea, you do a search and find someone else has beaten you to the gate.

I have found a Great Tool for you that will save you buckets of time while you are trying to find the name you want. You just use it's internal keyword generating function and send it out to test the list you build. There is even a Mac version too.

While choosing your Domain Name, try to make it readable and specific. It is all about branding, and it will help with some SEO as well. I would always go for the .com domain name suffix where possible as it is the most respected for business.

I purchase my Domains separately from my hosting account. This provides me with a clear representation of all my domains, and one powerful feature of this service is they can be setup up to auto-renew, so I never have to worry about losing one through non payment if I miss a notification for instance.